Class blazing_host_memory_resource

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class blazing_host_memory_resource : public BlazingMemoryResource

blazing_host_memory_resource class maintains the host memory manager context.

———————————————————————-* blazing_host_memory_resource is a singleton class, and should be accessed via getInstance().

Public Functions

virtual size_t get_memory_used() override
virtual size_t get_total_memory() override
virtual size_t get_from_driver_used_memory()
virtual size_t get_memory_limit()
void allocate(std::size_t bytes)
void deallocate(std::size_t bytes)
void initialize(float host_mem_resouce_consumption_thresh)


——————————————————————–* Accepts an optional rmmOptions_t struct that describes the settings used to initialize the memory manager. If no options is passed, default options are used.

void finalize()


bool isInitialized()

Check whether the blazing_device_memory_resource has been initialized.



true if blazing_device_memory_resource has been initialized.

Public Static Functions

static inline blazing_host_memory_resource &getInstance()

Get the blazing_host_memory_resource instance singleton object.