Class Context

Class Documentation

class blazingdb::manager::Context

This is the main component of the transport library.

Manage and group the Node ‘s (task nodes) to be used by an specific query.

Public Functions

explicit Context(const uint32_t token, const std::vector<Node> &taskNodes, const Node &masterNode, const std::string &logicalPlan, const std::map<std::string, std::string> &config_options, const std::string current_timestamp)
std::shared_ptr<Context> clone()
int getTotalNodes() const
std::vector<Node> getAllNodes() const
std::vector<Node> getAllOtherNodes(int selfNodeIndex) const
std::vector<Node> getWorkerNodes() const

RAL instances that will run the query.

Node getNode(int node_index) const
Node getNode(const std::string &id) const
const Node &getMasterNode() const

A single unique RAL instance that helps to the messages transmition and processesing between worker RAL’s e.g.: see SampleToNodeMasterMessage

std::string getLogicalPlan() const


: not used anymore

std::string getCurrentTimestamp() const
uint32_t getContextToken() const
std::string getContextCommunicationToken() const
void incrementQueryStep()
void incrementQuerySubstep()
inline uint32_t getQueryStep() const
inline uint32_t getQuerySubstep() const
int getNodeIndex(const Node &node) const
bool isMasterNode(const Node &node) const
inline void setKernelId(uint32_t kernel_id)
inline uint32_t getKernelId() const
inline std::map<std::string, std::string> getConfigOptions() const