Class message_receiver

Class Documentation

class comm::message_receiver

A Class used for the reconstruction of a BlazingTable from metadata and column data.

Public Functions

message_receiver(const std::map<std::string, comm::node> &nodes, const std::vector<char> &buffer, std::shared_ptr<ral::cache::CacheMachine> input_cache)

Constructs a message_receiver.

This is a place for a message to receive chunks. It calls the deserializer after the complete message has been assembled

  • column_transports: This is metadata about how a column will be reconstructed used by the deserialzer

  • metadata: This is information about how the message was routed and payloads that are used in execution, planning, or physical optimizations. E.G. num rows in table, num partitions to be processed

  • output_cache: The destination for the message being received. It is either a specific cache inbetween two kernels or it is intended for the general input cache using a mesage_id

inline virtual ~message_receiver()
size_t buffer_size(u_int16_t index)
void allocate_buffer(uint16_t index, cudaStream_t stream = 0)
node get_sender_node()
size_t num_buffers()
void confirm_transmission()
void *get_buffer(uint16_t index)
bool is_finished()
void finish(cudaStream_t stream = 0)