Class ComputeWindowKernel

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class ral::batch::ComputeWindowKernel : public ral::cache::kernel

This kernel computes the main Window Function (ROW_NUMBER, LAG, LEAD, MIN, …) to each batch already pattitioned and sorted New columns will be added to each batch.

Public Functions

ComputeWindowKernel(std::size_t kernel_id, const std::string &queryString, std::shared_ptr<Context> context, std::shared_ptr<ral::cache::graph> query_graph)
std::unique_ptr<CudfColumn> compute_column_from_window_function(cudf::table_view input_cudf_view, cudf::column_view input_col_view, std::size_t pos)
inline virtual std::string kernel_name()
ral::execution::task_result do_process(std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ral::frame::BlazingTable>> inputs, std::shared_ptr<ral::cache::CacheMachine> output, cudaStream_t stream, const std::map<std::string, std::string> &args) override
virtual kstatus run() override

Executes the batch processing. Loads the data from their input port, and after processing it, the results are stored in their output port.


kstatus ‘stop’ to halt processing, or ‘proceed’ to continue processing.