Class port

Class Documentation

class ral::cache::port

This class represent a diccionary of tuples <port_name, cache_machine> used by each kernel (input and outputs) into the execution graph.

Public Functions

inline port(kernel *const k)
virtual ~port() = default
template<class ...PORTNAMES>
inline void add_port(PORTNAMES&&... ports)
inline size_t count() const
void register_port(std::string port_name)
std::shared_ptr<CacheMachine> &get_cache(const std::string &port_name = "")
void register_cache(const std::string &port_name, std::shared_ptr<CacheMachine> cache_machine)
void finish()
inline std::shared_ptr<CacheMachine> &operator[](const std::string &port_name)
bool all_finished()
bool is_finished(const std::string &port_name)
uint64_t total_bytes_added()
uint64_t total_rows_added()
uint64_t total_batches_added()
uint64_t get_num_rows_added(const std::string &port_name)

Public Members

kernel *kernel_
std::map<std::string, std::shared_ptr<CacheMachine>> cache_machines_