Class data_loader

Class Documentation

class ral::io::data_loader

class is used for loading data from some kind of file type using some kind of file provider in our case we will be using blazing-io to read and write files but a local version could also be made

Public Functions

data_loader(std::shared_ptr<data_parser> parser, std::shared_ptr<data_provider> provider)
data_loader(const data_loader&) = default
std::shared_ptr<data_loader> clone()
virtual ~data_loader()
void get_schema(Schema &schema, std::vector<std::pair<std::string, cudf::type_id>> non_file_columns)
std::unique_ptr<ral::frame::BlazingTable> get_metadata(int offset)
inline std::shared_ptr<data_provider> get_provider()
inline std::shared_ptr<data_parser> get_parser()