Class postgresql_data_provider

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class ral::io::postgresql_data_provider : public ral::io::abstractsql_data_provider

Public Functions

postgresql_data_provider(const sql_info &sql, size_t total_number_of_nodes, size_t self_node_idx)
virtual ~postgresql_data_provider()
virtual std::shared_ptr<data_provider> clone() override
virtual bool has_next() override

tells us if this provider can generate more arrow::io::RandomAccessFile instances

virtual void reset() override

Resets file read count to 0 for file based DataProvider

virtual data_handle get_next(bool open_file = true) override

gets us the next arrow::io::RandomAccessFile

virtual std::size_t get_num_handles() override

Get the number of data_handles that will be provided.

Protected Functions

inline virtual std::unique_ptr<ral::parser::node_transformer> get_predicate_transformer() const override