Class sqlite_data_provider

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class ral::io::sqlite_data_provider : public ral::io::abstractsql_data_provider

can generate a series of randomaccessfiles from uris that are provided when it goes out of scope it will close any files it opened this last point is debatable in terms of if this is the desired functionality

Public Functions

sqlite_data_provider(const sql_info &sql, size_t total_number_of_nodes, size_t self_node_idx)
virtual ~sqlite_data_provider()
virtual std::shared_ptr<data_provider> clone() override
virtual bool has_next() override

tells us if this provider can generate more sql resultsets

virtual void reset() override

Resets file read count to 0 for file based DataProvider

virtual data_handle get_next(bool = true) override

gets us the next arrow::io::RandomAccessFile if open_file is false will not run te query and just returns a data_handle with columns info

virtual size_t get_num_handles() override

Get the number of data_handles that will be provided.

Protected Functions

inline virtual std::unique_ptr<ral::parser::node_transformer> get_predicate_transformer() const override